Dude, Where's My Car?

Ronaldo Assis de Moreira Analyst IISeptember 9, 2009

A brilliant story from the Spanish third division.

Last Sunday during the match between Jumilla and Puente Tocinos, play was stopped for several minutes in uniquely bizarre circumstances as referee Madrigal Soria halted proceedings having heard over the loudspeakers of the stadium that the local police were looking for the owner of a stolen car. Obviously, the car just happened to be the officials.

The interruption came midway through the second half, as the tannoys began broadcasting the local police’s request of the presence of the car owner, which was parked nearby. After hearing the details of the car announced, Madrigal Soria stopped the game, and went to the see the police to find out what was happening.

According to reports, ref Soria’s car was vandalised with the windows being smashed in as well as the vandals found to have stolen the ref’s phone in order to make calls to Morocco.

Footage of the complete incident can be seen here.