College Football 2008: Preseason BCS Predictions

Zach RiceContributor IMay 23, 2008

I'm gonna give my BCS Game Predictions and my predicted winners and the reasons behind it, even though it's May. I'll probably repost another one closer to the season, but here we go.


BCS National Championship

Florida vs. Ohio State

Winner: Florida. History shows OSU has a tough time against SEC schools. It will be no different here, as I look for Florida to win quite convincingly over the Buckeyes.


Orange Bowl

Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia

Winner: Virginia Tech. WVU is gonna be weak in the secondary this year, and Sean Glennon has improved a whole lot. Tech edges it out here.


Sugar Bowl

UGA vs. Texas

Winner: UGA. UGA is gonna be strong this year but will lose to Florida in the regular season. The Bulldogs will be too tough for Mack Brown and the boys to beat. UGA wins by two touchdowns.


Fiesta Bowl

Clemson vs. Oklahoma

Winner: Clemson. Oklahoma has choked the past few years in the BCS game, and it will be no different here.


Rose Bowl

Michigan vs. USC

Winner: USC. Rich Rod gets Michigan to the game, but can't get the job done. USC wins the Rose Bowl once again.