Note to Fans: Quit Crying About the Officials

Uncle Rico Touchdown MountainCorrespondent IMay 23, 2008

You hear it quite often: "The referee screwed us".    Or  "C'mon Ref!  Blow the Whistle, not the Game!" Even, "That ones on you Ump!"

One of my pet peeves is when I hear fans whining about officials determining a game. It can't happen.

Sure, you might be quick to respond, "What about the play call of ______ game?" OK, let's examine it.

Had the players executed previously, the game would not have been in question.In baseball, if a pitcher throws a pitch out of the strike zone, or a hitter swings and misses or a throw is not on the mark, then the players are determining the game, not the Umpires.

In football, if a lineman misses a blocking assignment, QB throws an incompletion, defender misses a tackle, etc, then it's the players fault.

Basketball players, have you ever missed a shot? Let a defender score?

Soccer and hockey, ever shoot and miss? Ever make a pass that did not hit your teammate in stride?

Alright then, you get the point. If you are a fan of a sport of the above and have witnesed any of the above, you get the point.

The moral of the story? Fans should shut their pie hole. Let the players play and the officials officiate. Nothing more, noting less. Forever and Ever, Amen.