This is rich!

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2009

Gresham, whose hope for a national championship was dashed in Dallas decided to opt for surgery -and the NFL draft. This guy has class written all over him. I wish he would just tell the truth and let the fans in Oklahoma know that he would rather protect his future earning power than risk his precious cartilage chasing another Big-12 championship -followed by a BCS bowl loss.

I wish the Sooners the best -especially know that BYU beat them- and I hope that Bradford comes back strong. Gresham came to college to earn a pay check, and after proclaiming himself the best tight end in the country. He decided to pack it in and take his chances with the draft analysts.

J.Gresham, just don’t go Kellen Winslow Jr. on us, please.

Hit the link for the story from ESPN. (It’s the first word of the post.)