Tulane Green Wave!

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2009
Tulane Green Wave

Tulane Green Wave

OK Cougar fans, it is now Wednesday and I think it is time for us to shift our focus onto the Green Wave from Tulane.  Hopefully the Boys in Blue made that shift Monday morning, but since we don’t need to run drills or watch scout tape, I figure we should get a few extra days.

The OU win was incredible and has its place in history.  But it will be meaningless unless we take care of business in the SUPERDOME!

What another great stage for a great football game.  Two concerns from the BYU side.  An emotional win over a powerhouse and then a game against an also-ran that come up and nip you in the butt.  We better strap it up.  As worried as everyone was about the guys being pumped for the OU game, I am worried about them being pumped for this game.  But I think that Coach Mendenhall knows how to rein them in.  The past 4 years have ben a great progression in BYU football and I look at the OU as being comparable to the game at TCU when they had that huge home winning streak and #17 ranking and knocked them off.  At the time for the BYU program that was an emotional win and a huge game!  Good news is that Coach brought us back down to earth and we got back to work and ran the table.  No doubt the boys will be ready.

On with the scouting report…

Defensively they will not be as good as OU.  They run a standard 4-3 defense and while they are athletic they will not play with the same speed and tenacity as OU did.  They are capable and we do need to set the tone early with run game.  They are experienced on D with 7 Seniors, 2 Juniors and 2 Sophomores.  Good news for us is that the young pups are at DT which is where we need to pound the ball early and often.  With a secondary that has been playing together for 4 years and with guys who know the system we will have to run crisp routes and Max will need to make good reads and distribute the ball evenly like he did in Dallas.

Offensively they have some legit weapons and we need to respect them.  They tried to spread Tulsa out and get their WRs 1-on-1 or in open space.  They like handing the ball on the fly sweep to Williams or throwing him little swing passes and letting him make guys miss.  I think that their RB, Anderson is better than his stats showed against Tulsa (19 carries 49 yds 2.6 ypc).  That being said we should still shut him down.  They have two WRs who are very good.  Big Play good! #19 Robottom and #20 Williams.  Both had huge games (Robottom 6 rec – 82 yds 13.7 ypc; Williams 5 rec – 139 yds 27.8 ypc).  Both are fast, elusive and good at what they do.  They QB, Kemp will put the ball where it needs to be.  An interesting thing about the OU was that they did not test us on the deep ball (odd since that is how they beat TCU last year).  I would expect Tulane to take their shots downfield and try and isolate Robottom or Williams 1-on-1 with our DBs.  They have to go for some big plays to try and swing momentum.

On that note, be ready for trick plays galore!  ala Tulsa in 2007.  We came out and stoned them 3 and out 3 times in a row against their base stuff and then all the tricks came out and we got flustered and didn’t play assignement football.  Look for Tulane to do the same.  The coaches at BYU know the Tulane guys and they are expecting a lot of tricky.  ASSIGNMENT FOOTBALL will be the key to victory this week!

Markell Staffieri