Black Saturday 2007

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Black Saturday 2007
     You know it is bound to happen every college football season. There is one day when it just doesn't pay to walk out of the tunnel a favorite. You work hard and prepare all week and when you step on the field, the football gods just punch you right in the face and knock you out.  Well, today is that day for 5 top 10 teams. Oklahoma,Texas,West Virgina,Florida and Rutgers all got kicked in the pants by the football gods and suffered losses. One half of the top 10 all lose in one day. This is unheard of. Today, I have to lower my hat and watch the funeral procession go down main street America, because so many teams have just been handed a crushing loss that could end national championship dreams. As a fan of the game, it is exciting to watch. But at some point, so many upsets really confuses you. Has college football gained more parody that so many people begged for? Or is it just dumb luck? After days like today, you are really left to wonder, Why don't they have a playoff system? If Auburn can knock off # 4 Florida at home, or Colorado knock off #3 Oklahoma in Boulder. Then who isn't to say that #18 South Florida could win a national championship? Black Saturday has left many college football fans to ponder these questions. and it is only the 5th week of the season, There is a whole lot of football to be played. At the rate this is going, we will have a team ranked #1 that has probably never been ranked that high before. The landscape of college football is changing. Some will say for the better, most will say for the worse. Me, I don't know yet, All I know is today I have seen somthing that may never happen agian in my lifetime. Monday we will all be awaiting the top 25 polls to be released and see who cracks the top 10 after so many defeats at the hands of unranked opponents, Our 5 losers will probably not be there. All I know is, that for better or worse, I will spend 12hrs next saturday and every saturday for the rest of my life and probably never see another day like this one. I can only hope that next weekend, the football is as good as this weekend.

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