Fedor Ready To Get His Ass Whooped By Brett Rogers

Kountry KingCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2009

All this talk about Lesnar and Fedor make me go insane

Both are extremely overated

Dont get me wrong, Lesnar is a credible champion, but he hasnt defended his title enough for us to realize his true potential just yet

And yes, in his earlier years Fedor could hold his own in the "ring", but thats going to be a whole lot different when it comes time to fight in the octogon.

That being said, Fedor is gonna lose to Brett Rogers

Its inevitable

While Fedor is busy eating ice cream and suckin on his mommas tits, "The Grim Reaper is preparing to harvest yet another soul.

Brett Rogers is a beast, and he is hungry.

Believe me when I say that a new champion will arise.

When asked how great he thinks Fedor really is, Bret Rogers responded:

“A lot of people see Fedor as this unbeatable, mythical creature, but if I put one on his chin, Fedor is going to sleep…”

"I can't wait to eat his soul when he does.. "

"I think he was scared to fight Lesnar, so he damn better be afraid to fight me "

"And after Im done with him..."

"Its time to eat Lesnar's heart out"