Michigan Shouldn't Feel so Bad After This Saturday

Ryan BlanchfieldAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2007

  USF-21 WVU-13: West Virginia flirted with an upset last week against Maryland, but, this time, they went a little farther than flirting. They got bit by Matt Grothe and USF.

Grothe and the Bulls put up 7 in every quarter but the fourth, and led most of the game.

South Florida really spread out the scoring as they had one TD rushing, one passing and one defensive TD.

USF's defense really did a great job containing Pat White and Steve Slaton as neither of them accounted for a score.

The Bulls led 21-6 going into the 4th, but WVU drove for a score to bring us to our final score of 21-13. The Bulls are a force to be reckoned with in the Big East.

  OU-24 CU-27: This was easily the best game on Saturday.

Colorado had to mount an enormous 4th quarter comeback as they outscored The Sooners 17-0 in the last quarter.

One of the big heroes for the Buffaloes was RB Hugh Charles as he took 24 carries for over 100 yards and a score.

With 2:51 left, The Buffaloes took the ball at the 50 yard line. QB Cody Hawkins fired one in to Kendrick Celestine for 15 yards. That and the rest of the Buffs 22 yard drive was enough for Kicker Kevin Eberhart.

Eberhart booted in a 45 yarder with 0:02 left on the clock to lift the Buffs to victory.

  Texas-21 Kansas St.-41: This game wasn't nearly as close as the other upsets.

Texas' flat 2nd and 4th quarters really kind of handed it over to the Wildcats.

Colt McCoy looked like a real dud out there today. I'm not high on him but I still expected more. He had 1 TD and 4 INTS!

Kansas St. really took it to Texas as a team as they scored 2 special teams TDs, 1 passing TD, and 2 rushing TDs.

Jordy Nelson really helped out KSU on the scoreboard as he caught a TD and took a punt 89 yards and walked into the endzone.

I'm all for the love of upsets, but the Goliath's in the Big 12 are getting hit pretty hard by David's slingshot.

  This Saturday is what makes college football exiting to write about.