Random Thoughts: Don Cherry, A No-No and $9,000 Watches

Michael HicksSenior Analyst IMay 23, 2008

It's Memorial Day weekend, and before I head out for a weekend of barbeque and war films, I thought I would share a few thoughts from the week in sports.

Jon Lester started off a great sports week with his no-hitter against the Royals. Even better, he started on my fantasy team that night. Is that not a great story? What a way to beat cancer.

How good are the NHL finals going to be, with Sid the Kid, Hockeytown, and Don Cherry on ESPN. If you can find Versus on your TV, watch it.

Can Crosby grow a playoff beard? I don't think he has shaved all season.

How come it has to be a Lakers-Celtics finals to save the NBA? The Spurs are a modern-day dynasty, and the Pistons are everything a team should be, these guys have been together for like six years.

Why does Rip Hamilton still wear that mask? Is he still hurt?

Why does Ray Allen still show up three hours before tipoff to warm up?

If you are a fan of SEC baseball, you cannot be happy with the final game on Thursday night ending at 1:30 a.m.

With the Chicago Bulls winning the lottery, I think that makes Chicago native Chris Rose a lock to be the first pick.

Does anybody care about the Indy 500 anymore?

Raise your hand if you watched Candace Parker's WNBA debut? (Nobody, that's what I thought.)

Final thought: Kobe Bryant bought all his teammates $9,000 watches for his MVP award, does that make up for calling them all losers and demanding a trade last year?