Seymour Needs To Play In Oakland

David ThompsonContributor ISeptember 8, 2009

Recently the Oakland Raiders "acquired" Richard Seymour from the New England Patriots. Everyone knows that now, but the most important part is why won't he show up? From a professional stand-point he needs to just stick it out and play in 09'. The Raiders are not the place he wants to be, but Richard is due to make about 3.7 million dollars this year. So if he plays this year and does good for himself he can set himself up nicely for a great last contract of his career, possibly the biggest ever because of the possible uncapped year. in the next season. For morale stand-point Richard needs to play the Raiders gave up a lot and they are willing to give out a bunch of dough. Look at Javon Walker 6 years 55 million and 26 guaranteed. Al Davis will pay Richard a lot hopefully long term. The Raiders had two players that reconstructed their deals to make room for Seymour. This is a deal that the Raiders may not be able to back out of, they need to try and sign him no matter what. They should have the money considering I thought they were out after the Jamarcus signing. This would make the Raiders that much better as well obviously. This deal needs to get done. They gave up way too much for Richard to sit out the whole year and the Patriots get a free first round pick.