Florida Gators: Week #1 From Section 21

Alan BraunsteinContributor ISeptember 8, 2009

A Florida Gators Fan[atic], I don't study the stats or memorize each & every player's name by the number on his jersey. I'm just a fan in the stands who loves to watch the Gators play and, obviously, win. In that, I will attempt to write a summary from my points-of-view from both Section 21 (North EndZone) and non-statistical fan.

The first thing you notice from the north endzone is the new jumbotron. Good god, man, whomever is responsible for that thing being purchased and installed ... Thank You! Wowee, wow, wow, wow. Crystal clear and just what we need to see a lot of the action taking place at the south end of the field.

One request, though, on that jumbotron. Somehow, highlight the team in possession of the football. Yeah yeah, if you can't keep that straight, you probably don't know football. Sorry - I know football. Just put a bolder border around the team-in-possession's score or name.

As for the rest of the game ... I have to admit it was not all that exciting. We all knew the Gators would route the opening game opponents. I even think that the soft opponents know that they're going to get run over like a train. So, in that, I wonder why CSU would try a secret weapon against the Gators?

I don't even recall when in the game it occurred, but I remember that CSU pulled a boomerangplay against the Gators. It worked, but now any true potential opponent to CSU knows to watch for this play. Why did they waste the element of surprise on a game they were losing by 45 points at the half?!

One more observation from our seats ... with it being a night game, the people in the media box just below the jumbotron reminded me of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Ha!