Busting the BCS Party

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Busting the BCS Party

images Aside from our Cougars, what other outsider will be breaking into the Big Dance?

As much as I hate to say it, it will be Boise State…again.  Boise State is not the team that used to rely on trick plays, confusion motion and funky formations to win ball games.  When they lined up against Oregon on Thursday night they played straight up football and beat the ducks into the ground!  After their success over the last few years Boise State is not having to rely on under-talented players, playing with great effort.  They are beginning to get top recruits that are big time play makers.

For me the game was a battle of two teams I hate, but I would have to say that I hate Oregon more, due to their lack of class and composure, ala post game interviews after the Vegas Bowl and this year’s Blount incident.  I would say that someone needs to give the overrated program  in the Northwest a reality check, but they get them all the time…they still just seem to think they are the best team int he country.

Back to Boise State…I think that the BCS Big Wigs have to be getting tired of the outsiders crashing the ball in winning fashion, so don’t be surprised if they pit the two Non-BCS teams together somehow, in order for their precious princess party to not be tarnished.

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