Randy Orton Dominating Cena on Raw Marks the End of His WWE Title Reign

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIISeptember 8, 2009

The Age of Orton is now days away from coming to an end as Randy Orton's dominance over John Cena on Raw signified the beginning of the end by following a long-time WWE tradition.

It has become customary for the loser of the upcoming pay-per-view to make a statement on the final television program prior to the event.

Randy Orton did just that.

As he took John Cena down with his patented elevated-DDT, he followed it up with an RKO on the steel chair. The result of course was John Cena being left completely rehabilitated in the middle of the ring as Randy Orton told Cena that he would be saying "I quit" at Breaking Point.

But John Cena will not be the man to say "I quit" this Sunday, Randy Orton will be.

With as quickly as the WWE got itself on track by building a somewhat-credible title reign with Randy Orton, it will be just as quick to come to an end this Sunday.

John Cena is all about hustle, loyalty, and respect. It is that "never say quit" attitude that will proper John Cena to a predictable victory this Sunday at Breaking Point.

If there was any chance of the WWE allowing Cena to build to momentum going into the pay-per-view so Orton could pull out a surprise victory, that chance is now gone as the results for the upcoming pay-per-view have been prematurely revealed.

No surprises coming this Sunday as John Cena will begin his sixth heavyweight title reign.

Goodbye Age of Orton, it was great for how little it lasted. (*)