Red Wing Fan Heaven: Anticipating My First Trip to the Joe

Adam LaFranceContributor IMay 23, 2008

"How much did you say?"

This was going to be a hard sell. 

"Uh...two hundred and twenty dollars."

"Per ticket?"


"Hm.  I'll call you back."

I thought that was it. 

For once, we have a little extra money.  George Dubya sent us our tax rebate to kick start the economy, so we wanted to do our patriotic duty and be good little consumers by supporting the local economy down in Detroit.

We wanted to get tickets to see the Red Wings for my father-in-law for his birthday.  I was going to go as, well, kind of like an early Father's Day/birthday gift. 

We were going to do it for the conference finals, but we were confident that they'd make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Conference finals tickets were $120.  They can't get much more expensive than that, right?


I sighed and thought that it would've been a great game to go to.

Imagine my surprise when my wife said to go ahead and order the tickets. 

I'm thinking it's going to be $220 well spent!