Welcome to Oakland Mr. Seymour

DarenContributor ISeptember 7, 2009

FOXBOROUGH, MA - 2008:  Richard Seymour of the New England Patriots poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Foxborough, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Welcome to Oakland Mr. Seymour.  I saw this and immediately thought that Al had passed on and someone else was in control.  No, Al had just made a brilliant move that of course the so called "experts" panned as a bad move or that Seymour was/is washed up.  I like many of the Raiders fans just don't get the media.  DHB gets drafted 7th overall (okay, how many of us saw this coming but hey...), the pick is suggested to be one of the worst if not the worst of all time.  I won't even mention the comments by Cris Carter.  Crabtree (and as many of us thought) would be the pick, he was not so, we the fans deal with it and move on.  Crabtree is still holding out but, what do you hear from the media about it nada. 

Fast forward to September, the Raiders run d looks worse than last year after getting gashed by the 49ers and Saints a run stopper/pass rusher is needed.  Well, well, well who shows up none other than one 3 time Super Bowl Champ, 5 time Pro Bowler Mr. Richard Seymour.  Again, the "experts" lambast Al for giving up to much on a washed up Seymour, say what.  Oh my bad, if this were a trade to any other team it'd be a brilliant move but, since it was the Raiders it was a bad move.  It never stops.

Btw, Peter King thanks for predicting that the Raiders would go 4-12.