Kofi Kingston Whats Next For The Wwe Savior 2

brandon crosswhiteContributor ISeptember 7, 2009

kofi kingston came to the WWE on its ECW brand,and he made a name for himself by getting into a Feud with the Gold standard Shelton he went undefeated for a lil bit then shelton finally beaten him,soon after there feud was over he was Drafted to the Flagship show Monday Night Raw people. thought he would get lost in the mid cards and be Released but he Proved them worng Because he would soon get him chance at his First piece of gold in the WWE against the Savior of the WWE Chris jericho at Night of Champions, he Secure a victory over this future Hall of Famer well witH Shawn michaels help but he still put on a good match.then he would lose the title against Santino thanks to beth. he would have a pretty good run as champion,then he started to team up with the Straightedge superstar Cm punk and they would start to Feud with priceless and together the DUO would win the World tag team championships,they did pretty good as a tag team but lost the titles at a house show to miz and morrison.then the Creative team was trying to figure out what to do with him so they put him in money in the bank for his first Wrestlemania and he stole the show (Exept for hbk vs the Deadman)and for one i thought he was going to win but he Failed becuz cm punk won for the second time.well lets go to the present he is the Current Us Heavyweight champion and he has tooken on all challanges he beaten MVP,Big show,carilto,primo,jack swagger,anybody who was willing to stepup so when he loses the us title where will he good will he be lost like MVP was and be put down as a mid Card or will the WWE make Raw the flagship show and let kofi go and become WWE champion he has everything it takes to hold that title with Honor.and who wants to see randy orton vs triple h or orton vs cena,but kofi vs Randy orton is a wresltemania dream match i belive kofi ready to take the next step in his Carreer