Belichick's Answer to The 'Bolts; AFC West Spy Network

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Belichick's Answer to The 'Bolts; AFC West Spy Network
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

When you are a Superbowl favorite, its never too early to prepare for the other best teams in the AFC. 

Since you're too busy to pay a lot of attention to, say the Chargers, every week, and at any rate, you just want the important information, what do you do?

Set up a spy network in the division, that's what.

Pioli, Vrabel, Seymour, and McDaniels will all be reporting to the Spy Master Belichick after every Charger game, and Belichick might know the Chargers better that Norv.

So come a playoff game in early 2010, when the Patriots destroy the Chargers, its not spygate 2.  Well, not in that sense, its the second greatest spy network of all time.

Now he just needs a few good men in the south to watch the Colts, because we all know Mangini took over Crennel's watch spot.

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