Ryan Michael's Pre-Scripted Promo: Randy Orton Meets Bob Barker (9/7/09)

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIISeptember 7, 2009

Monday Night Raw opens with a video package that details the events from a week prior. The crowd begins to break out in boos as they watch Randy Orton take out Dusty Rhodes on the Titantron.

The show then opens with celebrity guest-host Bob Barker standing in the middle of the ring. The crowd displays their affection for Bob Barker as he is greeted with applause and affection.

With a microphone in hand, Bob Barker says the following:

"As you all know, my name is Bob Barker, and I will be your celebrity guest host for this evening's event. While I wanted to share with all of you my plans for the night, I have something that I have to take care of as my first order of business.

Randy Orton.

I would like Randy Orton to come down to the ring and explain his actions from last week. Seeing as I am the guest host for the evening, I cannot afford to run this program without structure. And as we all know, there are a great many things that we all found to be unsettling about last week's program, and I cannot allow them to remain unsettled any longer.

So Randy Orton, I would like you to come on down to the ring right now because I feel that you owe all of these people an explanation for your actions."

Bob Barker stares at the Titantron and awaits the WWE Champion's arrival. Surprisingly however, we see nothing, as Randy Orton apparently refuses to adhere to Barker's demand.

Bob Barker then says the following:

"I find this to be most troubling, however, not surprising. Often times I've learned in life, it is the bullies who refuse to answer the call when the time comes for them to face the music..."

Suddenly Randy Orton's music hits as the WWE Champion makes his way to the ramp with his championship belt over his shoulder and a look of contained rage in his eyes. He makes his way to the ring and takes a microphone.

"This is exactly why I did what I did to Dusty Rhodes last week."

Bob Barker as well as all of the fans in the arena have confused expressions on their faces as they wait for Orton to continue.

"This idiotic celebrity guest host nonsense has gone on long enough.

Vince McMahon, in all of his infinite wisdom, felt that it would be a good idea to allow morons to run his flagship show simply because they are popular and can draw ratings.

This is Monday Night Raw, not The Price Is Right, Bob, and you just happened to land yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Bob Barker interjects:

"Now listen Randy..."

Orton responds:

"No you listen to me, you decrepit old man, I don't take orders, I give them.

Last week I did what I did to Dusty Rhodes because he had no business coming back. He had no business coming onto my show and showing me disrespect.

I don't care whether or not he decided to help me out on account of his son, the fact that he decided to show his race on Raw after what I did to him two years ago was disrespectful.

And as sick as I am of seeing these old so-called Legends come back to live off of what they did for this business in the past, I'm even more sick of having to see people like you come onto my show and act as though you know something when deep down inside, you don't know a damn thing.

If you watched even one week of our programming, Bob, you would know that calling me down to this ring and trying to get me to answer to you and all of the ingrates in this arena tonight is bad idea.

It's a bad idea if you value your health, and it's a bad idea if you want to stay conscious long enough to finish wasting your time on this program."

Bob Barker responds:

"Don't threaten me Randy.

I've been in this world long enough to know which battles I need to fight and which ones to steer clear from.

Now, I'm not about to jeopardize my safety and well-being by picking a fight with a bully.

And a bully is exactly what you are, Mr. Orton.

So since you want to come down here and threaten an 85-year-old man, I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do for you.

Tonight, you will be competing in a match.

You will be competing against the same young man that you were supposed to compete against last week.

Tonight, it will be you, Randy Orton, against Cody Rhodes in match made famous by his father, the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes.

Tonight, it will be you Randy Orton competing against Cody Rhodes in a Texas Bull-Rope match.

But here's the twist.

If you manage to win tonight Randy, then both Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will be banned from ring-side at Breaking Point this Sunday.

In addition, if you decide to put your hands on either me or John Cena tonight, you will vacate the WWE Championship.

Good luck tonight Randy, I think you might need it."

Randy Orton then steps back away from Bob Barker and exits the ring.

He slowly makes his way back up the entrance ramp while looking Bob Barker in the eyes, furious but with no means of letting out his frustration.



Please be aware that the above scripted promo is 100 percent fictitious. In no way do I endorse any of the comments or views presented in the promo. Randy Orton portrays a villainous character on television, therefore the promos he cuts are going to represent an attitude and beliefs of a bad guy.

I do not intend for any of the content presented in the promo to be taken seriously as I view the content as being similar to what a villain would portray in film or on television.

In no way do the attitudes and beliefs expressed in the promo reflect how I would feel about any real life situation.

Thank you for your understanding.


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