Most Overrated and Underrated Players in The NBA

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2009

I was walking around my college campus the other day wearing my Joe Johnson jersey and came to the conclusion of something.  Joe Johnson is one of the most underrated players in the NBA.  Several people asked me who Johnson from Atlanta was and after thinking about it I have come up with my starting five underrated and overrated teams.

My starting five underrated team:

PG: Devin Harris- Harris is the most underrated point guard in the NBA.  Harris was one of the main pieces in the Jason Kidd to Dallas trade a few years ago and many people don't even know that he's in the NBA.  Harris put up 21 points per game and 7 assists per game last year with New Jersey.  Those numbers are comparable with a lot of elite point guards in the league such as Chauncey Billups 18 ppg, 6 apg, Deron Williams 20 ppg, 10 apg and Tony Parker 22 ppg, 6 apg.

SG: Joe Johnson- Johnson is easily one of the most underrated players in the NBA.  He has anchored his Atlanta team into the playoffs the last couple of years as well as putting up elite numbers.  Johnson can shoot from anywhere and has great range.  His numbers were 21 ppg, 6 apg, 4 rpg as well as a 37% three point average.  Johnson is one of the select few players in the NBA who could win a game all by himself. 

SF: Danny Granger- Granger had a career year last year in Indiana and is becoming an all star in the NBA.  People are starting to figure out what kind of player Granger really is and his 26 ppg and 5 rpg will show anyone who doesn't know already. 

PF: David West- People are starting to figure out who West really is after the last couple years of solid basketball out of New Orleans.  West and Paul have been a dominating duo and West's 21 ppg and 9 rpg have solidified West as a star power forward in the league.

C: Nene- Nene became a dominating center in the league last year with his big body and quick feet.  After many injury plagued seasons and overcoming testicular cancer, Nene averaged 15 ppg and 8 rpg.  Nene is one of the best centers in transition because of his speed and is a great offensive weapon for Denver.

My starting five overrated team:

PG: Baron Davis- Davis used to be a star in Golden State and used to be a star point guard.  Now making 11 million dollars a year in Los Angeles, Davis has been nothing but a bust.  LA is still one of the worst teams in the NBA.

SG: Tracy McGrady- Like Davis, McGrady used to be an all star.  After injuries in Houston, McGrady is still talked about as an all star in the NBA. At 30 and after his injuries I don't think he is so much. 

SF: Hedo Turkoglu- I think Turkoglu is one of the most overrated players in the NBA.  The only thing Turkoglu can do is shoot the three and jump shots, but he has no control and can't do anything in the paint. 

PF: Elton Brand- Like Davis and McGrady, Brand used to be a great player in the NBA.  Now in Philadelphia, Brand has suffered injuries and hasn't touched the numbers he did when he was in LA. 

C: Greg Oden- Oden is the most overrated player in the NBA.  Since being drafted first overall in 2007 Oden has only played in 61 games and has no game offensively.  Everyone has talked Oden up to be the next elite center, but Oden can't seem to stay healthy in the NBA.  When he does play, he doesn't contribute much at all.  His defense is decent, but his lack of offense leads me to put him on my overrated list.

My overrated list has a few players that were great at one time, but they are on my list because I think they are overrated right now.  My underrated list has some players that will become elites in the NBA in the next couple of years and deserve some recognition.