WPL Match Report: Keystone vs DC Furies—Sept 6, 2009

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WPL Match Report: Keystone vs DC Furies—Sept 6, 2009
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Thanks to YSC Intern Ashley for her continued work with this blog, this week she brings us the writeup from Keystone's first WPL match against the DC Furies. Look for her match report each week as she reports on the Keystone rugby team.

Keystone Women Won their WPL Season
Opener Against the DC Furies
By: Ashley Nesby

Keystone women won their WPL season opener against the DC Furies, 38-8 Sunday. However, the score does not reflect the physical battle waged by the Furies. From the first whistle, their physicality outmatched that of Keystone. They were winning rucks and were the primary keepers of possession for the first 15 minutes of the match.

Albeit, the Furies had the ball in hand, they were not able to break the gain line. Keystone soon capitalized on this by matching and beating the Furies’ intensity and physicality with their forward pack, allowing them to win clean ball and giving their backs great opportunities to execute their plays.

While the score reached into the upper 30’s, it was evident from both sides, that their team chemistry and timing had been affected by the early start of the season, missing players, team cohesion etc. Both were plagued with dropped balls, misread plays and simple mistakes.

The difference was Keystone was able to recover and make up for the mishaps and mishandles by sticking to their game plan and reading their opponents weaknesses and exploiting them.

That combined with the skill level of both their forward pack and their backs allowed them run away with the game. It is certain that both teams will be looking to clean up their play in preparation for next week’s matches. Keystone will face New York at their home pitch on Randall’s Island.

Ines Rodriguez
Rashida Stamps
Kim Magrini
Jen Sinkler (2)

Ines Rodriguez (5)

Penality Kick:
Ines Rodriguez

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