WPL Match Report: Beantown vs New York—Sep 5, 2009

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Welcome to YSC Intern Becca Fritz! She will be bringing us coverage for Beantown and their games during the WPL. See below for her first post covering Beantown vs New York.

Beantown Hosts New York in their
First Women's Premiership Game
By: Becca Fritz

It was a different kind of morning, it wasn't just a normal Beantown, New York game, it was the first Beantown, New York Women's Premier League match and everyone felt the difference. The excitement in the air was actually palpable covering the field with a blanket of anxious-anticipation. From the sidelines, I got the treat of being able to watch the two starting sides suit up and take the field behind Dana Teagarden, who is inarguably the best female ref in the United States. The sheer presence of the amazing talent before me left this U-19'er completely starstruck.

The game started with New York kicking off to begin a super physical game, with each advance quickly followed by breakdowns and turnovers every few yards. The first half of the game was played mostly in Beantown's half of the field, testing their defensive skills, which up until about minute eleven held strong. It was then that New York's crazy fast No. 14, Vanesha McGee made her first breakaway of the game off the back of a set piece only to be taken down by Beantown Flyhalf, Kelly Seary at the 15m line.

Much to the dismay of the Beantown bench, the game remained in Beantown's half for the rest of the first quarter. Just past the twenty minute mark, New York's McGee made her second breakaway, dodging Beantown's last line of defense and scoring the first try of the game. Beantown, hungry for a win, evened the game up not five minutes after the restart. Beantown's Scrumhalf, Kittery Wagner picked up a lose ball and quickly dished it off to number two, Emily Jones who carried it a good ten meters before making a quick pass off to fullback Katie Dowty to tie the game. The rest of the half finished with breakdown after breakdown with no significant yardage gained for either side. The half ended with a yellow card given to Town's inside-center Emilie Bydwell for holding.

At the start of the second half fresh legs were added to both sides but the intensity of the first half was beginning to take a toll on both teams with a series of minutes taken for various reasons. Beantown's outside center, Amy Daniels capitalized on the fatigue and scored off a breakaway with the first conversion of the game made by Emily Jones. McGee followed up with her second, and NY's final try of the game, with no conversion made. For the rest of the half, Beantown remained in New York's half. About twenty minutes in, to bring Beantown ahead by another five points, Fullback Katie Dowty made her second try of the game which was also converted making the score 19-10.

The last try of the game was made about thirty-five minutes into the second half by Beantown's former sin-binner, Emilie Bydwell. The fourth try of the game gave Beantown the extra point in the over all standings and the conversion brought Beantown to the final score of twenty-six, a sixteen point lead over New York.

Beantown will meet the D.C. Furies at home, next Sunday.

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