WPL Match Report: Twin City Amazons vs ORSU - Sep 6, 2009

Wendy YoungCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2009

YSC would like to welcome new YSC Intern Garrett Hoffman to the blog! Garrett will be covering the Amazons and their journey through the WPL. Read below for the first match report covering the Twin City Amazons and ORSU.

WPL Match Report: Twin City Amazons vs. ORSU - Sep 6, 2009 By: Garrett Hoffman

With their first premiership win under their belts, the Twin Cities Amazons rejoice, celebrate and relax in the afternoon sun in Eagan, Minnesota. Their victory over ORSU, however, was anything but easy to attain.

The strong and agile ORSU players hit the pitch hard, scoring their first try within the first five minutes. The Amazons answered quickly with a solid run off of a line out ending in a try scored by outside center Lynelle Kugler making the score 5-5. The Amazons came back hard after their first try.

Veteran scrumhalf Rebecca Radtke fed the forwards the ball which allowed them to drive into the try zone resulting in a diving score by Radtke to make the score 10-5. ORSU answered with a solid back line run tying the game up with minutes left in the first half.

The Amazons forwards would not give up and dominated the ORSU pack, driving 20 meters to the try zone. Prop Rachel Maas ended the drive with a diving try in the closing seconds of the first half making the score 15-10.

ORSU began the second half much like the first, hitting the pitch hard and scoring quickly with a run by their No. 6 tying the game at 15. In a brilliant substitution by Amazon Coach Roger Bruggemeyer, powerhouse Jenny “Mamma” Kruger came in at flanker. Kruger scored immediately giving the Amazons the lead once again.

In the 57th minute of the match, Radtke again picked the ball out of a ruck and flew into the try zone making the score 25-15. At this point, the Amazons looked strong and energetic while the ORSU players were struggling to keep up.

With 20 minutes left in the match the Amazons made another brilliant run. Radtke picked the ball out of a ruck and tossed it to Kingzett who hit Kruger screaming through a gap. After a difficult tackle by an ORSU player Kruger tossed the ball to Kingzett who got the ball to Nicole Benjamin leading to another Amazon try.

Flyhalf Sylvia Braaten made the conversion making the score 32-15. With 15 minutes left in the match, ORSU picked up their speed and scored two quick tries and one conversion which left the Amazons stunned and frustrated.

In the end however, the Amazons kept their heads, held back their opposition and left the pitch with a hard-earned win over ORSU 32-27.

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