My Thoughts On Georgia's First Game of The Year.

martin pyrzContributor ISeptember 7, 2009

STILLWATER, OK - SEPTEMBER 5:  Quarterback Joe Cox #14 of the Georgia Bulldogs passes the ball to running back Richard Samuel #22 during the second quarter of the game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Boone Pickens Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

        Before I start, I have to admit that I didn't watch the entire game, I was working.  But I saw the first drive and I saw the entire second half from home.  I have to say that after watching the game I am not very optimistic that this team can win 10 games or more like I originally thought.  I could be wrong, several players could step up and really perform to there potential, we could have a change at QB, or the coaches game calling and execution could drastically improve. 

       The offense looked predictable and quite manageble last Saturday.  The only really good drive was the first drive and it was an effective and unpredictable.  I liked the fact they put the ball into Brandon Smith's hands early.  The rest of the game was unimpressive and disappointing.  Losing Sturdivant for the rest of the year could hurt.  But we are supposed to be deep on the line so we will see.  The receivers didn't play all that hard and the running game was mediocre.  Samuel needs to develop into a tougher runner that can take a hit.  Joe Cox had the flu and it was his second collegiate start so I almost expected average play.  I'm not sure if Joe Cox is what UGA needs at this moment but I hope that Coach Richt makes a change if Cox struggles against USC next weekend.

        The defense didn't force a turnover, they didn't get any sacks, but they played better than last years unit.  They played tough and they didn't quit even though they did spend more time on the field than they should've.  This is a better unit I believe and it'll get better with Justin Houston coming back after the USC game.  I think this unit should be able to keep USC in check,  USC looked horrible against NC State but USC and the ole ball coach always plans and plays UGA tough.

       Our kicker can kick a 53 yard field goal but can't place a kick inside the 10 yard line on a kick off.  Our punter can kick it well, but our coverage needs to tighten up a little bit. 

        That is my assessment.  I welcome comments and corrections that you may have.  I have two rules, don't cussing or insults.  Lets be level headed as we give our opinions.  I know we love our teams passionately but we should be able to communicate our ideas without being foolish.


Martin Pyrz

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