UM Looks Good in Season Opener...Now Bring on The Irish!!

dave snyderContributor ISeptember 7, 2009

ANN ARBOR, MI - SEPTEMBER 22:  A fan of the Michigan Wolverines takes a photograph during the NCAA football game against the Western Michigan Broncos on September 22, 2001 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The Wolverines defeated the Broncos 38-21.  (Photo by Danny Moloshok/Getty Images)

For all of you Rich-Rod haters, Saturday's win over WMU must have been hard to watch! Let's face it UM fans, Rich-Rod does not have the squeaky clean image of a Lloyd Carr. I for one am damn happy about that too! Aren't you sick of seeing talented UM teams finish with 9-4, 8-5 records? Lloyd Carr was a mediocre coach running a team that should be playing in a BCS bowl game every year. Rich Rod will get UM back to where they belong sooner rather than later...which is winning Big Ten's and playing in BCS bowl games. It's very sad that so many fans want to throw him under the bus after one bad season. A season in which he didn't have a chance in hell of winning with Lloyd's leftovers. Give RR time to get his style of players, to play his style of football and UM will start winning the really really big games and not just the so-so ones like they did under Carr. I know Carr won a national championship in '97, but lets face it, they won that despite Lloyd. If you remember he tried to lose a couple of those games but UM's stout defense saved his ass time and time again!  Do you realize how many pro's he had on that team? Why did Lloyd wait til his last game to coach like he should have been his whole career? Against Tim Tebow and Florida he was far from the scared to let it hang out, conservative coach that he was his whole career. In Rich-Rod, I promise you, UM at least (finally) has a coach that will not be afraid to lose but one that will be confident enough to let his players play and the result's will be favorable. Look at programs like USC, Texas, LSU, etc...they all have great talent, like UM is capable of, but they have coaches who aren't afraid to let that talent play! Yes, sometimes they mess up..but in the long run you get teams that year after year, play in BCS bowl games! Once UM starts winning under RR, then the flood gates will really open on the recruiting scene. No, Michigan does not have the tropical weather of a UCS or Florida campus and we will always lose some high profile recruits because of that but what UM does have is the greatest tradition of winning and academic excellence in all the country. So what if RR isn't the so called "Michigan Man"? I could care less if he wins big games...which i strongly believe he will do. UM has finally gotten past the "BO" years and now can start to compete in the present day with a coach who has the football knowledge and system to take them back to the promised land!