NBA teams beware, Do you really want to draft a guy from USC?

Brad S.Correspondent IMay 23, 2008

OJ Mayo is barely out of USC and yet he is already in trouble. But it's not really a surprise out of a guy coming from USC.

Just look at all of the awful people who came out of USC:

  • OJ Simpson
  • Mark McGwire
  • Keyshawn Johnson
  • Sean Salisbury
  • Reggie Bush
  • Barry Zeto
  • Mark Prior
  • Jerry Buss
  • OJ Mayo?

All of them have been accused of being idiots.

Boone and McGwire are 'roiders. "I'm not here to talk about the bad, only to talk about the good and the future of baseball." IDIOT.

Keyshawn Johnson was a pain in the ass as a player. He, along with Sean Salisbury, spew idiocy all the time are two of the worst TV analysts in the world.

Reggie Bush has been accused of taking money, not to mention he hasn't nearly lived up to the hype in the NFL.

Barry Zeto just sucks and Mark Prior can never stay healthy.

Jerry Buss is the idiot who traded Shaq, need I say more?

Biggest idiot ever. Period.

After reading this, would you draft OJ Mayo?