Ohio State: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2009

The Good

  • Pryor can throw the ball.  He was 14/21 (66%) for 174 yards, one TD and one INT.  At least one pass that I can remember was dropped (Taurian Washington, I’m looking at you).  And the interception was on a tipped ball, although it was a bad throw.
  • The defensive line escaped the game with no injuries.  While some may argue that this is the deepest unit on the Buckeyes, no one likes to see starters going down before a big game and this is quite the accomplishment, considering that Navy’s O-Line are big, big fans of the cut block.

The Bad

  • The offensive line.  Pryor was under way too much pressure from an undersized Navy D-Line, and the inability to get two yards on three consecutive running plays in the fourth quarter is unacceptable.  It is my belief that they were the reason Navy was able to make a game out of it.
  • Third down.  Pryor and the Buckeyes were 3/12 on third downs.  Against USC’s defense next week, that stat may be 0/12.

The Ugly

  • The fact that a two point conversion stop was needed to preserve the lead.  While it's good to have some pressure situation experience before going into next week’s game, this is not the kind of pressure I had in mind.
  • I’ve said this once already but it bears repeating: the offensive line play.  Blech, just...blech.

Well, that’s enough of that, it's officially USC week.