The MWC Week 1 Review

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2009

It is so hard to say where teams rank after 1 week of games, because you just don’t know how good ANYONE really is yet. So a win over a top program may not be such a big deal if they are having a down year. But I am going to do my best to sum up where the teams in the MWC size up to one another.

Air Force 72 – Nicholls State 0
Interesting score for the Falcons, because you know they are too classy of a program to run up the score on someone. Either Nicholls St is really that bad or the AFA has produced some depth. I think that they will be the AFA we have seen the last 10 years…capable of winning big games if you don’t give them the respect they deserve. They are still a running team with two backs rushing for over 80 yards and Jefferson looks to be the solid QB that we saw last year.

BYU 14 – Oklahoma State 13
If I had to remind you of the score, you better check your fan card in at the door. What a game, no doubt everyone on this site knows where the Cougars sit. I have never been prouder to be wrong about our defense. They came up hitting and as we have said before, that is how you neutralize speed. Our offense played better than the score indicates as far as their ability to move the ball, know we just have to clean up the Turnovers. My personal player of the game was Bryan Kariya. I thought he shouldered a big load and was very reliable in the run game while being explosive in the pass game.

Colorado State 23 – Colorado 10
In the other MWC v Big XII showdown the Rams have taken it to the Buffs of CU Boulder. While the Buffs appear to be having a down year again (ironic after 1 game huh?) I think that the Rams will be a team to reckon with this year in the conference. Gartrell Johnson is gone but #2 Mason rushed for over 100 yds. I think that this is misleading because he was hit behind the LOS a lot, and the Cougs are renowned for their run stopping D. #7 Mosure looks to be a very capable RB as a runner and receiver and look for him to get a lot of snaps against the Cougs in the Wildcat formation (unless we prove we can finally stop that before we play CSU). They will not contend for the crown, but look for the Rams to come to Provo ready to play good ol’ smash mouth football.

New Mexico 6 – Texas A&M 41
If you can’t run the ball you can’t win games, and since UNMs RB was busy playing for the Tennessee Titans this week it was really hard for them to run. Porterie is what he has been the last 2 years and I don’t think that he is a daunting QB, even as a run threat. With the absence of Rocky Long I see a drop in the EDGE that the Defensive plays with. To be honest I am not sure they are even running the 3-3-5 anymore. Look for this to be a down year for the Lobos, but their best game will be played against BYU in Albuquerque…no doubt.

San Diego St 14 – UCLA 33
This was a fun game to watch for the first 3 quarters. I think it was a battle between two weak, rebuilding programs but it was a fun battle. I thought that SDSU came out swinging and they were looking good. As the game worn on UCLA started to learn what SDSU was doing (The scouting was hard because SDSU didn’t have any open practices for the media, so nobody knew what they were going to come out with). The other thing about SDSU is that when you have lost for so long players forget how to WIN and FINISH games. That is what Coach Mendenhall had to fix with BYU and that is the challenge the SDSU coaching staff will have. They have the athletes, they were playing hard and they looked good. They just need to remember how to WIN games!

TCU – Bye
Not much to say when the team don’t play.

UNLV 38 – Sacramento St 3
Playing a cupcake opener does not allow us to see how good UNLV really is. They are the same team they were last year minus BIG #4. I don’t care how much they improve, we should have mind control over UNLV and never lose to them again from now until forever. Containing Clayton will be the key to that matchup and making sure to account for Wolfe in a 3rd Down Conversion or Big Play situation.

Utah 35 – Utah St 17
Once again, Utah St is a better team than they have been lately and I expect them to come in 2nd to Boise St in the WAC this year. That being said Utah is not as good as they were last year, but as rivalries go, it’s always tough!

Wyoming 29 – Weber St 22
I can’t believe that Weber St is good enough to contend in the MWC therefor I deduce that Wyoming (barring phenomonal improvement) will not be a contender this year either and we should run them out of the stadium.

So what are my predictions after week one? (Maybe I should call these rankings, but you get the point)
1. BYU
2. TCU
3. Utah
4. Air Force
6. New Mexico
7. Colorado St
9. Wyoming

-Markell Staffieri