NBA Draft: What Happened To Sean Singletary?

Trent AldermanCorrespondent IMay 22, 2008

Singletary.  Know Him? 

He's considered by many people who do know him to have been the best point guard in the ACC for all four years of his tenure at the University of Virginia.  His spirit and work ethic have proven to be the highest of all the players in the ACC.  Yes, that includes the marvelous Tyler Hansbrough from ESPN favorite UNC. 

Singletary's performances against various ACC teams have been unbeatable.  I remind you all that the ACC includes Duke, UNC, Clemson, and the once-great Maryland Terrapins.  He averaged 20 points a game and racked up tons of assists throughout his career. 

In this years UNC-UVA game, he racked up 27 points, seven assists, and six rebounds.  He drove the lane on the All-American Hansbrough the entire game and dominated him every time.  Despite his teammates' inability to score, Singletary kept UVA neck-and-neck with the Tar Heels, ultimately losing by just one point, 75-74. 

Look at the facts. He led his team for four years.  There was no one else. 

In other words, the boy knows how to play.

The simple fact is, if Sean Singletary isn't taken in the 2008 NBA Draft, it's because he played on a mediocre basketball team.  If he had played for UNC or Duke or UCLA, he might have been a top ten pick.  But instead he'll be a late pick—if he is picked at all. 

Thank you, ESPN ,for constant coverage of UNC, Duke, USC, Ohio State, UCLA, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Red Sox, and New York Yankees sporting events.