Instant Replay in Baseball: No Duh!

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMay 22, 2008

There are many people who think that instant replay should absolutely not be implemented in Major League Baseball.

I respectfully disagree. There is not doubt that instant replay should be implemented.

First of all, purists say that baseball has lived without it for over 100 years, so why switch now? That is the stupidest argument I have ever heard. People lived for thousands of years without electricity, so should we turn off all electronic devices? No. People lived for thousands of years without the Internet, so should we all disconnect our Internet connections? No.

The game must evolved, and people must move on. It's not the 1890s anymore. Get over it, purists.

Plus, we NEED TO GET THE CALL RIGHT. The "mistakes are part of the game" argument is a bunch of BS. If a team gets screwed in the playoffs over a bad call, will we accept it as "human mistakes are part of the game"? No, we all want fairness, and to get the call correct. "Human error" is irrelevant.

Another myth is it would slow down the game, and again, I disagree. These replays would only be used two or three times a game for fair or foul calls. Those replays would only take a couple minutes, if that.

Replay would be extremely simple to put in. Everyone watching on TV can see the play clearly, so why can't the umpires? Give them technology and let them use it to their advantage.

All in all, replay would be great for Major League Baseball. Put it in as soon as possible.