The biggest win in BYU history?

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2009

It is a happy day for any Cougar fan that’s been waiting for a huge win over a top ranked team. Not only did we beat the #3 team in the land we beat on of the storied programs in football history. Coach Mendenhall had a great game plan and he must have given his defense some special sauce, because those guys played out of their minds. They stopped the run, they held up at the corner position and they were able to get pressure on the quarterback. I feel that Coach Hill is finally going to become noticed for how he manipulates defenses, moves guys around and forces opposing quarterback to play a near perfect game.

Pleasant suprises of the night:

Max Hall produced the biggest win of his career and solidifies himself as a product of  the quarterback factory. He had a tough close to the end of last season, but this win -on that stage- erases all doubt that he can now win the big game.

Bryan Karyia -I guess I need to learn how to spell his name. He carried our ground attack in the absence of Harvey and he didn’t miss a beat. He provides a good burst and for 214 lbs. runs extremely hard.

Andrew Rich came down hill and let Oklahoma have it. He provided need sparks or excitement which helped bridge the gap until our offense hit their stride.

Jordan Pendalton has arrived. It took him a couple of years to break into the rotation, but he is posed to have a big year. He gives us another pass rusher to take some of the heat off Colby and Jan.

The corner position in general held up. They had a few questionable penalties, but when they needed to come up and make a tackle they did. They were both close in coverage, yet they’ll need to tighten up in future weeks.

Coach Anea’s play calling from the booth was fantastic. He wasn’t predictable, he mixed up the run and pass. He spread the ball around and most of all he kept the pressure on the Sooner defense.

Things to work on:

Penalties, and turnovers! What could the score have been had we converted on Chambers screen play. Our defense was put in compromising positions all night and they just kept on playing and kept on making plays.

Oh and please stop kicking the ball out of bounds!

This win was outstanding and I am proud to be a Cougar!