We Took it on the Chin...

Matthew BurnsAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2009

STILLWATER, OK - SEPTEMBER 05:  Quarterback Joe Cox #14 of the Georgia Bulldogs drops back to pass during the college football game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Boone Pickens Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  The Cowboys defeated the Bulldogs 24-10.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

To all those Dawg fans out there calling for the heads of Mike Bobo, Joe Cox and Willie Martinez, let's take a step back. . .

Georgia went into Stillwater as underdogs for a reason. I have, and always will say that, the guys in Vegas (and wherever else lines are made) are very, very good at their job. They make money on "locks" and "hunches" every week because they study the facts.
So, lets look at the facts:
1. Oklahoma State was opening a new stadium.
+1 for OSU on emotional advantage.
2. OSU met Georgia at home in, what they claimed to be, the biggest game in the history of Poke football.
+1 for OSU emotional advantage.
3. OSU returns potential All-Americans at QB, WR, LT, and RB.
-any questions? (see Robinson converting with his legs, Hunters explosiveness and Dez Bryant's mid-air catch in the endzone.
4. Georgia essentially opened the game with a first time starter at QB (coming off of the flu) and RB.
5. Our experienced offensive line is still unbelievably young.
6. Our defensive line in respected because we have a ridiculous DT rotation and a very very mediocre pass rush off the edge.
7. Our best linebacker is extremely talented but criticized for being undersized.
8. Our defensive backs are as athletic as any in the nation, but either inexperience and chronically a step late.
9. Our offensive coordinator is still finding himself as a big time assistant.
10. Our biggest weapon is a type of player who NEEDS a quarterback who can augment his physical talents with an accurate and timely pass.
So, you take all of this and you understand why we were almost seven point dogs to the team from Stillwater.
Did we drive down their throats to start the game? Yes.
Did we hold their vaunted offense under 30? Yes.
Is there a lot to be disappointed about? Yes.
We can be completely dejected by the loss (and I am) but I am also confident in the future because Joe Cox can't look much worse, we won't play a better triumvirate on offense all year, we are now battle tested (in week 2) and we have a chip on our shoulder for the rest of the year.
Demarcus Dobbs said this year's team was a brotherhood and I guarantee you that the brotherhood is pissed off to high hell right now. I see us losing two more games this year. One to a Florida team that is a perfect storm of recruiting talent and coaching and an LSU team that plays a brand of physical football that we are not quite ready for.
We end the season 10-3 with another bowl win in Orlando. The question is who will be leading us under center when we get there?
By the way, how will the BCS matchups look with Notre Dame, Boise State and a terrible Big East team receiving bids? Shoot me now.