Mike Swick Versus Matt Hughes: Make It Happen Joe Silva

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2009

"I want to keep moving up, man. I mean, this is my tenth fight in the UFC, I'm 9-1. I want to fight for the title; I want to fight top guys: Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre, Thiago Alves, all the great guys."

Swick made this statement after his one-sided victory over Ben Saunders at UFC 99. Some fans were disappointed when Swick's next scheduled fight turned out to be Martin Kampmann.

Swick's recent concussion quickly diminished that fight from UFC 103. Reports are that the head injury wasn't anything major and that Swick won't be side-lined for very long.

So who can Joe Silva pit up against Swick to keep him in line for title contention?

Well a majority of the top-ranked welterweights have already agreed upon a fight, except for one: Future Hall-of-Famer, the recently resigned superstar, Matt Hughes.

Hughes hinted towards a potential fight with someone he's never battled with before. Swick falls into that criteria.

With Swick being the young, energetic contender that's often overlooked, and the well-respected Hughes looking to retire in the octagon battling the best fighters that the UFC offers; this has potential to be a pretty good match.

So make this fight happen Joe Silva, their styles will mesh themselves into a great number-one contender match.