Boomer Cougar! Jerry World Hosts an Amazing Game

Pete MisthaufenAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 05:  Running back Bryan Kariya #33 of the Brigham Young Cougars is tackled by Keenan Clayton #22 of the Oklahoma Sooners at Cowboys Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I did not expect to see a BYU win against OU.  I really had not planned on going to the game, even though I have been a Cougar fans for over thirty years.

But when opportunity arose, my encounter with Jerry World provided great joy and tension.

First of all, thank you Jerry Jones for building this amazing stadium.  It is amazing and well worth the money. 

And Jerry, thanks for wanting to bring in college football to your football palace.  BYU would have played an FCS school this week without you.

And I would also like to thank all the classy Sooner fans that made my experience so rewarding.  You guys are all class (well, except for an occasional drunk, but even they were not that bad).  Not a one tried to excuse the loss after the game because of Bradford's injury.  All class.

Now, I for one, hoped that BYU could play enough defense to slow down Bradford and the high-flying Sooners.  The Cougars have always performed the best when they have a solid defense.

While I knew that defense would be much improved, I had no idea that they would be this good.  They may not be TCU or USC great, but they are really good.

Now, BYU came into the game with numerous injuries on its rebuilt offensive line, as well as missing its 1,000 yard rusher, Harvey Unga.  The Cougar's star wide receiver, Austin Collie, now plays for the Colts.

Could the Cougar's even stand a chance against the mighty front seven of Oklahoma?

Yes, and then some. 

While the final score was close and BYU only took the its first lead with a little more than three minutes to go in the game, BYU truly dominated both sides of the ball in this game.  Absent BYU's four turnovers, the Cougars would have won by a much larger margin.

The experts on TV will highlight the injury to Bradford.  I was sad to see him leave the game, but every Sooner fan I talked to at the game argued to me that BYU would have won the game anyway.  Again, super classy, Sooner fans.

Now, having defeated the No. 3 ranked Sooners, the Cougars are rewarded with having three more top twenty-five teams on their schedule.  The only benefit to BYU is that it plays TCU, Utah, and Florida State at home.  BYU still has only a small chance at an undefeated season given the difficulty of its schedule.

Now, here come the important questions:  Now that BYU has defeated Oklahoma, should an undefeated BYU team deserve a spot in the BCS title game?  Over a two loss team from any of the automatic qualifying conferences?  How about a one loss team?  How about an undefeated Big East team?  How about an undefeated Penn State?

An ESPN "expert" on the radio stated that a 12-1 Oklahoma team would deserve the BCS title berth over a 12-0 BYU team?  Does that sound reasonable?

As anyone who has read my articles knows, I hate the BCS and hope to see a college football playoff for the FBS.  Any scenario that would relegate undefeated BYU to another BCS game rather than the title game is absurd.

So, thanks again Jerry Jones and Sooner fans and most importantly the 2009 BYU Cougars.  It was a beautiful night in a beautiful stadium, highlighting the greatness that is college football.