UFC's Newest Fighter: Jared Hamman

John PearsonContributor ISeptember 6, 2009

I’m sure not many have heard of this guy yet, but let me introduce you to Jared Hamman.

He recently signed a UFC contract after going 10-1, 8 KO’s, 2 submissions, in a three-year professional career.

I’ve followed this guy as an amateur and as a professional.

His one loss was a controversial quick stoppage in the opening seconds by way of a flying knee against Paoi Suganuma, a guy he casually knocked out in the rematch.

Hamman has recorded easy wins against Aaron Rosa and Travis Wiuff.

It won’t be long before people understand what I mean by saying this guy hits with power of God on his side.

Promoters have tried to think of a more original nick-name than “The Hammer” to describe the heavy handed over powering style of his, but it just seems to be fitting.

Hamman is one of the toughest, most tenacious individuals I have ever seen fight.

Mentally he is second to no one.

Fight fans, look forward to this guy’s debut.