Luck Finds Luck In College Debut

Joey GrissoContributor ISeptember 5, 2009

Stanford won it's season opener at Washington State by defeating the Cougars, 39-13. In his first start at quarterback, freshman Andrew Luck threw for 193 yards and one touchdown on 11-of-23 passing, and Toby Gerhart rushed 23 times for 121 yards and two touchdowns. Chris Owusu also added two touchdowns, including an 85 yard kickoff return for a touchdown right after Washington State scored one of their own. 

College football is finally underway at the Farm. However, you may not notice it very much. Maybe it is due to the fact that the Cardinal have not been to a bowl game in nearly a decade. Or the fact that they have not had a serious Heisman contender since Jim Plunkett in 1970. Or perhaps the fact that they have not been NCAA Champions since 1926, when the price of gas was a mere 23 cents a gallon and FDR and the Great Depression were unheard of, as were antibiotics and microwave ovens. No, Stanford hasn't been exactly what you'd consider a football school lately. 

Well, tell gramps to put on his old game day helmet because the Cardinal are back.

Look no further than Andrew Luck, who threw for 193 yards and one TD in his NCAA debut as the Card rolled over Cougar red, 39-13.

Need extra proof? How about Toby Gerhart, who rushed for 121 yards and two TD's on opening day?

Still a sceptic? How about Chris Owusu, who added another two scores and answered Washington States's only TD with an 85 yard kickoff return for a touchdown? Or Jim Harbaugh, who has steadily improved the program that went 1-11 just three seasons ago?

Something is defiantly going on here.

After bolting to a 22-3 halftime lead, Stanford suffered a rare setback when WSU Quarterback Kevin Lopina completed a 5 yard touchdown pass, making it a two possession game. However, Owusu answered that by returning the following kickoff for a touchdown, putting them back in control, 29-10.

In the only conference game during the first two weeks, Stanford showed who was boss early by dominating WSU for four quarters of play. What more can you ask for? A Rose Bowl appearance? A National Title?

For now, let's just stick with a bowl game.

The Card not only have been improving steadily over the past two seasons, but start this season out with some pretty weak opponents. (WSU, Wake Forest, San Jose State, Washington, and UCLA.) If they can get the ball rolling early on, they should have no problem keeping it up as the season progresses. And with Andrew Luck being only a freshman, you can bet that this is just the beginning for the rebirth of Stanford football.