The Point to Notre Dame's Week One Rout: Te'o is a Badass!

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The Point to Notre Dame's Week One Rout: Te'o is a Badass!
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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish otherwise did what they were supposed to do. Everyone will be Lou Holtz believers after this win, but I choose to reserve my enthusiasm until week four. I'm not going to type out what most fans will...what the obvious playmakers did. There were, however, a few points that stood out to me.

The fact still remains this was Nevada. Back in the day, a Nevada equivalent would come to town and get their ass whipped. Today, Nevada comes to town and got their ass whipped. The offense looked spot, rightly so. Point one is exactly that, they did what they were supposed to... put a whuppin' on a team they were supposed to whup.

But the real test was going to be how their D held up against the high octane pistol offense. John Tenuta and Corwin Brown brought the heat today and looked solid against a legit rushing attack. We cannot go and sell the farm just yet though. Realize that there wasn't much of a passing threat so it was easy to bring numbers each and every play.

Also, Taua still put up a buck eighteen, and the Wolfpack racked up over 300 yards. Overall, a damned good show for the D though. Point two, D players all over the place; different looks, blitz packages, and quickness.

The real surprise, which is no surprise at all. Manti Te'o is gross! In limited minutes he was able to show why he may be the sickest defensive recruit ND has ever pulled. I simply cannot wait to watch this guy grow! Expect him to continually rack up playing time.

Point three, Manti Te'o will punch your grandma in the face...if she's not sporting a No. 5 Irish jersey!

Also, I like to see the scrubinnis get some time! The only thing "scrub" about them is that there is a sicker athlete who's got some more time in the system in front of him on the depth chart. Point four, the second team are no longer 22 Jim Cowans on the field...they are actual legit athletes!

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