Rayce RadcliffContributor ISeptember 5, 2009



I'm sure allot of you are as excited about Football as I am, and can't wait till opening day. The possability of your favorite team making the playoffs as well as that slight chance they go to the Superbowl Is overwhelming.

Gearing up for your Fantasy Football team or teams and Monday Night Football are just around the corner, you can almost smell It.

Here Is my breakdown of what I think Is the best Division In Football.


As I see It, The Eagles took a big loss at Linebacker when Stewart Bradley went down with a season ending ACL injury, but with the excitement of Michael Vick and the who let the dogs out tour, should have plenty of offence weapons to more than make up any issues with a top five defence.

Second year future all pro Desean Jackson brings speed and mocksy to a talented WR corp.

Jason Advant will be Philly's WR sleeper and will have plenty of end zone looks from Dmac. If Brian Westbrook can stay healthy the Eagles should be soaring through the NFC East.

I can't leave out the huge loss of Brian Dawkins, It remains to be seen If the Eagles made the right move, time will tell.

The New York Giants have still not awakin from there Superbowl hangover and with no true number one wideout ,teams with be able to stuff the box and prevent big gaines in the running game. Brandon Jacobs will have a great success against weaker defenses, but will struggle against better D's, which was very  visable during last year's playoff game against the Eagles.

Dallas Is a BIG unknown, I'm sure Dallas Fan's are excited about a awesome new stadium with a massive screen which should have holes In It soon from all the punters nailing It. Tony Romo has not produced when It counts In December In fact nobody on Dallas as shown up during the playoffs, I mean come on , TEN years???

I know Dallas fans, this Is the year........ NOT!!!!!!

That leaves us the Washington Redskins which could be a surprise In 2009 If they can keep there coaching staff intact for a few years and the owner can let the coaches coach and stay away from the team and stop treating the team like it's Fantasy Football they might show you some things, they have allot of talent and they need to let there quaterback know his job Is secure. On the other hand Cambell needs to produce on the field asap.

They have some holes on both sides of the ball, but will win some games they shouldn't but also lose some games they should win.

I'm sure all of you will not agree with my thoughts but that's what makes the begining of the football season so Interesting.

Good luck to all