Did Wayne Rooney take a dive for England? (video)

Ronaldo Assis de Moreira Analyst IISeptember 5, 2009

With diving such a hot topic at the moment, and with the spotlight still very much on Wayne Rooney after his penalty against Arsenal last weekend in the Premier League, the Manchester United forward has attracted even more controversy while on international duty on Saturday.

Playing against Slovenia at Wembley, the England number ten appeared to be involved in an everyday 50:50 tussle with visiting defender Cesar in the 30th minute, before the referee awarded England a penalty as Rooney hit the ground. Frank Lampard dispatched the resulting penalty.

The criticism of Rooney is likely to get far sharper though, with cynics arguing that the forward took a dive to win the penalty.

Earlier this week Rooney said: “I have never intentionally tried to dive, there have been times when I have tried to stay on my feet and tried to get the shot off rather than going down. I have never intentionally dived. I think everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player who tries to be as honest as they can. If the referee gives a penalty at the end of the day then there is nothing you can do. It’s a penalty. If they want to take the punishment further that is down to UEFA and the authorities. I don’t think it is fair for players to dive and try and cheat the other team. It is not fair.”

Wayne Rooney’s “dive” can be seen here.


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