Wayne Rooney: FIFA World Diver Of The Year

BharanitharCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2009

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 05:  Referee Jonas Eriksson is surrounded as he awards a penalty against Bostjan Cesar of Slovenia for a foul on Wayne Rooney of England during the International Friendly match between England and Slovenia at Wembley Stadium on September 5, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

"On holiday , yeah" - These were the words spoken by Wayne Rooney when asked if he has ever dived.

So is it that every time you take to the field, you believe you are on a holiday and start diving to claim penalties ?

Not once but twice in 2 weeks. The one against Arsenal is debatable but the one against Slovenia was totally hilarious, atrocious, dubious, ridiculous, .....ous, .....ous .... (Fill in the blanks with whatever you can think of).

The Swedish referee,Jonas Eriksson must have been on crack to have given that penalty to England.

Weren't you the same person who said "I have never intentionally dived." just 2 days back , Mr.Rooney?

Man , are you for real ? You say this and 2 days later you frikking dive like an amateur. :|

Why don't you stop diving if you actually don't know how to do it ? Because it is quite obvious to everyone by now that you don't know how to dive and you suck at it. :|

At least you can be forgiven for the dive you made that day against Arsenal because partly Almunia was at fault too but this one was totally hilarious. Even a newborn kid can tell that you dived. (Thanks to Maire Offeire for the video)


Watch the video to see how this guy fouls Bostjan Cesar by sliding his foot into the defender, falls down and then appeals for a penalty :O and that blind referee actually awards him the penalty which Frank Lampard coolly converts whereas Rooney should have actually been given the yellow for that mindless challenge.Look at his face, acts as though he is not at fault. 

Looks like some Looney Tunes cartoon , doesn't it ?

I believe this penalty changed the entire course of the match, which before that incident was dominated by the Slovenian side. (Lots of match reports suggest that.)

And this was not even a major tournament, it was just a friendly. Why is that penalty so frikking important to you, that too in a frikking friendly ? x-( At least Looney could have saved this Hollywood act for the match against Croatia. Now even if some defender crushes his foot during his forthcoming WC qualifiers, no referee is actually going to give him a penalty or even a free kick to say the least. :D

The people who probably will have to eat their words are some fans who repeatedly claimed that Looney stays on his feet even after the strongest of challenges and that the one against Arsenal was not a dive at all . Oh yes, the one against Arsenal was NOT a dive at all and you know what , I saw a dinosaur outside my house yesterday. Yes, believe me ,if that wasn't a dive then what I saw yesterday was definitely a dinosaur. :D

What did you say Mr. John Terry - "English players are too honest to dive." ?

Probably the FIFA should consider awarding Terry the FIFA World Joker of the Year award for this ridiculous comment and blaming the foreigners in BPL with respect to the increase in the number of simulations. Is Looney a foreigner ? Tell me , Mr.Terry . :|

And the match ended 2-1 in favor of England (thanks to the FIFA WDOTY(World Diver of the Year) Wayne Looney) . But one has to appreciate the Slovenians for taking on the mighty English and they didn't lose all that badly. Hell , that penalty should not have been given at all, so theoretically the score must be 1-1.

Kudos to the Slovenians for the valiant fight they put up at Wembley :) only to be defeated by the referee and Looney. :(


Final score:

England 2 - 1 Slovenia



Frank Lampard (31 min) (with a "little" bit of help from Looney)

Jermain Defoe (63 min) (Thank God, Looney didn't dive the second time :D)


Zlatan Ljubijankic (85 min)


And finally ,

May God never bless you and the Devil kick your *ahem* , Wayne Looney !!!










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