Tribute To The Man That Will Never Die: Matt Hardy

Dynamite BillCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2009

One of my favorite wrestlers since I started watching the WWE is Matt Hardy. I like this wrester because he has a huge passion about wrestling and because he shows great athleticism. Matt is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the company, so.. let's go!

Mathew Moore Hardy was born in 23 of September of 1974. He and his brother Jeff founded a wrestling organization called OMEGA. While in OMEGA, Matt held a lot of titles including the World Heavyweight Title and the tag team title (with his brother Jeff). In October of 1999 he signed in WWE together with his brother Jeff and they formed a team. The Hardys became famous because of their participation at the TLC matches. Together with Jeff he won 6 World Tag Team Titles and 1 WWE Tag Team title. In 2001 when the Hardys turned into singles competitors, Matt won the European title. This was the first singles title that Matt had won in WWE. Matt had the second longest European title reign in the WWE. After that, the Hardys would reunite but during a match between Jeff and Rob Van Dam, Matt attacked Jeff. When 2003 began Matt hardy tried to lose weight to be able to compete for the cruiserweight title. He successfully lost weight and won the title from Billy Kidman. At Wrestlemania 19, he successfully defended his title against Rey Mysterio. After his cruiserweight title reign he entered a feud with Kane who wanted his girlfriend Lita. Matt lost to Kane in a match of which the winner would take Lita even though Lita tried to help Matt.

When the whole Kane-Lita marriage was screwed up Edge betrayed Matt and became Lita's boyfriend. In 2005 Matt was released from WWE. Some months afterward Matt returned to WWE, and entered a feud with Edge in which he lost a street fight match but won a steel cage match. Later on Taboo Tuesday he and Rey Mysterio were voted to fight against Edge and Chris Masters, but Edge left the ring giving his place to Snitsky. Rey and Matt won the match.

In 2006, the Hardys reunited and entered team DX for Survivor Series against Team Rated RKO. Team DX won with all its members surviving. Later the Hardys took on MNM, Regal & Taylor and Paul London & Brian Kendrick in a ladder match for the tag team titles but lost. The Hardys then competed in a 10-tag teams battle royal for the tag team titles which they won. The Hardys successfully defended their titles against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch at Backlash but lost them at the next episode of RAW.

After the feud with Cade and Murdoch, Matt entered a feud with the U.S Champion MVP but Matt was not able to win the title. MVP and Matt formed a tag team and faced Deuce N Domino for the WWE tag team titles in a match they won. On November 16 MVP and Matt dropped their titles to The Miz and John Morrison. After that Matt entered a feud with MVP. In April of 2008 Matt defeated MVP and won the u.s title but he dropped the title to Shelton Benjamin.

Matt Hardy was drafted to ECW where he tried to win the ECW title from Mark Henry. Matt wont the title on a four-man match for the title against Henry ,Chavo Guerrero and The Miz after pinning the Miz. Matt successfully defended his title against Mark Henry. Finally Matt lost his title to Swagger and turned into a villain after attacking his brother Jeff with a steel chair and costing him the title against his former enemy Edge. Matt was drafted to SmackDown and entered a feud with Jeff. Matt defeated his brother in a X-treme rules match and at a stretcher match but lost at an I-quit match but he did not quit. Matt tried several times to win the U.s title but failed.

Personal Life:

Matt Hardy had a six year relationship with Lita but broke up. After that, he started dating former WWE Diva Ashley.

WWE titles and achievements:

ECW champion

U.S champion

European champion (second longest reign)

Cruiserweight champion

Hardcore champion

7-times tag tea champion (6 with Jeff 1 with MVP)

Matt also had the best gimmick of the year 2002

Well that was all for today, I hope you enjoyed my article about one of the most underrated wrestlers in the WWE today. Any comment and feedback is appreciated. Have a nice day.

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