"The Missing Ring" Is a Must Read For All College Football Fans

mpeskyContributor ISeptember 5, 2009

This book is about Crimson Tide Football...You can be sure of that, if only by the cover. This book, however, is much more than just the story of a missing national championship ring. It is a essay on what life was all about for many of us in the maligned State of Alabama during the 60's.

Alabama was the home of George Wallace and Bull Conner. These men did not speak for the vast majority of we who live in this state. It is time that someone screams this truth about this State of Alabama. I believe this book does just this.

Chapter three, titled " Blowin In The Wind" is, in my opinion, the pivotal heart of this book. I think that most of the "baby boomers" who lived in the State of Alabama will agree with Kieth Dunnavant about life in Alabama during the 1960's.

"Blowin In The Wind" is not the subject of this book, it only tell it "like it was." This is of course my own personal opinion.

You all have read and heard all the "redneck" stories about many folks who live in Alabama.

Now it is time for a little taste of "the rest of the story."