Aussies Seek Revenge For Ashes Defeat

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2009

On Friday Australia won the won the first ODI of the seven match Nat-West series, and gave England a slight shock.

Well this is not a very big shock but it will shut the English fans' mouth like a lock.

Let us take a look at the match.

The toss was one by England, who elected to bat, and the Aussies had a little chat. They sent openers Shane Watson and Tim Paine on the field, to protect them from the bowling attack like a shield.

Paine was out on a duck, as England celebrated their luck. But then came in Cameron White who gave the innings a flight.

Watson missed his fifty by 4 runs, as the Englishmen took out their guns. The Aussies got scared of the gun-park, and the next man in was Micheal Clarke.

Watson and Clarke set a good base, and later Ferguson set the innings' pace.

Hussey and Hopes chipped in with small scores, and their innings cheered up the ones who were bored.

The Aussies put 260 on the board and the Englishmen had taken out their sword.

The home team were off a shaky start, Strauss' fall sent an attack to their heart. The rest of the batsmen chipped in, but the Aussies won and celebrated by having gin.

Most of the Aussie bowlers were expensive, but their fielding was very impressive.

The English bowler Adil Rashid bowled an excellent spell, but in spite of that the home tram went to hell.

So this was the analysis of the match, I wish England Best of Luck for the next match.