LeGarrette Blount is Going to Punch That Smile Off Your Face

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent ISeptember 4, 2009

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 30:   Runningback LeGarrette Blount #9 of the University of Oregon Ducks hurdles a player en route to a touchdown during his team's 42-31 win over the Oklahoma State University Cowboys in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium on December 30, 2008 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

If you pay any attention to college football or watch ESPN or follow sports and do not live in a dark void where sports information can never reach your sad existence, you know about the events that occurred last night after Boise State's 19-8 shellacking of Oregon.

Well, just in case you do happen to inhabit that void (seriously, ESPN shows the clip every 15 minutes!) here's the video:

Let's just recap a few things really fast.

1. It was sportsmanship night, and both teams shook hands before the game. (Dear God, I'm choking on the irony.)

2. Blount has been the team's spokesman. He's been the one saying they were going to get revenge for last season's defeat in Eugene.

3. That punch was perfect. He didn't even rear back, and he TKO'd Byron Hout. That's some serious punching power. Hopefully he'll go pro and move on to baby punching.

4. Byron Hout's instigative words led to his own demise.

I'd like to focus on that last one for a second. Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that Byron Hout was the one who started all of this. Sure, it wasn't the physical violence, but his words were still violent in and of themselves.

Does it make any sense to talk shit to a guy whose team has just been blown out and is still pissed about when your team beat him last season as well? No.

Does it make sense to respond by hitting said dude in the face? No.

It's obvious no one was thinking here. There will be suspensions, but it should be for both parties, not just for Blount.

Sadly, it results in a season-long suspension for Blount, and Hout will look like the innocent victim after acting like a complete jackass.

My final thought: How fucking satisfying was it to watch Blount just wipe that smirk off of Hout's fucking face? I seriously saw that replay about 20 times this morning and every time I saw it I smiled.

You're lying to yourself if you didn't feel just a little bit better watching that smile disappear as he fell to the ground. I mean, how many times have you wanted to do the exact same thing to someone who did that to you?

I'm not saying one should punch the person, but I'm really enjoying living vicariously through him.

Finally, in response your question Jules: yes, yes Hout did look like a bitch. He also acted like one too, along with being punched and falling to the ground like one.*

A special note to Blount: Since you're done playing football this season, you're more than welcome to come help us out on this blog and educate the people on the finer points of jackass punching.

*- Bitch is being used to describe a complete jackass who is a whiny asshole. One can also just simply look like a bitch (See: J.J. Redick) It is not to be conveyed as a derogatory term towards women.

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