Pulling a Kobe: Shoot Like a Pro—against All Odds

Casey HCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2017

Kobe Bryant is a three time NBA Champion, this year's MVP, and future hall of fame star but his skills carry further than the NBA court and onto yours.

It's at the end of the game and you have the ball in your hands. You try to juke out your buddies but it doesn't work. There's no time left and you have to take the shot. You close your eyes and randomly throw the ball while saying the name "Kobe." The shot is nothing but net and you send your friends home crying.

Against all odds the ball went in, but why? It's a natural phenomenon called "Pulling a Kobe." Scientists have been studying this for years and have come to the conclusion that saying the name Kobe while shooting actually tricks your brain into thinking that you are in fact Kobe Bryant. The average Kobe users shoots at about 21.7 percent more accurately.

People have tried this with other names like Jordan or even James but none have been effective. Now even NBA stars are trying it. In an extreme case in the first round of the Lakers Spurs series, Tim Duncan summoned Kobe and he tipped the ball in for the Spurs.

So the next time you have the ball, just remember it only takes one word to make it rain and the word is "Kobe."