Derrick Rose to Chicago, Michael Beasley to Miami—Another NBA Mock Draft

Brad S.Correspondent IMay 22, 2008

A look at a different version of my mock draft. None of the picks are the same, except the Pacers. I think that Westbrook should be in the lottery but I can't find anywhere for him to go.

1. Chicago: Derick Rose- Rose is a once-in-a-lifetime talent at PG. We've probably never seen anyone this athletic at the position. The Bulls would be hard pressed not to take him with the first pick.

2. Miami: Michael Beasley- Beasley is just a beast, plain and simple. With Beasley in the front court, the Heat would have two players who could average at least fifteen points and nine rebounds next season.

3. Minnesota: Jarod Bayliss- A very good scorer and shooter, Bayliss would lead a young Minnesota team for years to come.

4. Seattle: Brooke Lopez- Just think if Kevin Durant had a good inside player to free him up on the outside. If Lopez becomes as good as I think he can, that could be a champion combination.

5. Memphis: Kevin Love- Love is an ultra-skilled big man that would make a huge impact right away for a team in need of post presence

6. New York: OJ Mayo- If the knicks actually did something that made sense, I would be shocked, but I'll say they make the right choice and go with Mayo in this spot.

7. Los Angeles: Eric Gorden- The Clips are in need of a good shooting gaurd and Gorden is a great shooter. He is very strong and athletic at 6'4'' 220 pounds.

8. Milwaukee: DeAndre Jordan- Yi is very athletic and can move to the three spot. Jordan could be a dominant power forward two or three years down the road.

9. Charlotte: Kosta Kufos- The Bobcats grab their center of the future at this spot. Kufos runs the floor well and can hit the outside shot with consistency.

10. New Jersey: Anthony Randalph: The Nets go with the ultra-athletic  forward in this spot. It may take him a few years to develop but he has one of the best upsides in the draft. 

11. Pacers: Russell Westbrook- The Pacers take their future PG in this slot. Westbrook has proved to be a terrific athlete in his two years at UCLA.

12. Kings: DJ Augustin- Some think he is a top-five pick, and some believe he belongs at the bottom of the first round. I think the Kings like him in this spot

13. Portland: Danilo Gallinari- Gallinari is a solid player, who will fit into the rotation right away and make an immediate impact.

14. Golden State: Joe Alexander- I love this guy. He is a very good athlete, a good shooter, and an all-out hustle player.