Jason Forcier Guaranteed Only First Snap?

The WolverineCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2009

That's what Coach Rodriguez said about the situation yesterday. Not sure if he's intentionally trying to confuse us or the Broncos.

"Tate will take the first play," he said, but said that Denard or Nick could take the second. "Maybe, could be," Rodriguez said. "Depends on the down-and-distance of the situation."

Hmmm. Either something interesting is brewing or coach Rodriguez is pulling a little head fake. I honestly can't imagine Tate taking one snap and handing it off only to leave the field.

Similarly, I can't imagine him throwing one pass and leaving the field, unless...unless...it's a 70-yard bomb and we have first and goal. In that case, I'd like Mr. Robinson's skills a little better.

Or is it possible that Rodriguez will employ the two quarterback backfield we've all been dreaming of? Or...or...is Tate gonna take more than just a few snaps?

Yeah, that's what we thought too.