Formula One: Team Mate Comparisons After Belgium (Round Twelve)

Mike CassCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2009

SPA FRANCORCHAMPS, BELGIUM - AUGUST 30:  Second placed Giancarlo Fisichella of Italy and Force India celebrates on the podium following the Belgian Grand Prix at the Circuit of Spa Francorchamps on August 30, 2009 in Spa Francorchamps, Belgium.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Continuing my regular article where I compare Formula One team mates against each other, I will compare qualifying performances and judge them after the weight of the cars has been announced.



How qualifying results are displayed:


Position Qualified/Driver Name/Qualifying Time/Weight


I will then give my opinion of who had the better race, which is not necessarily the driver with the best result.



How race results are displayed:

Position Finished/Driver Name/Total Race Time/Fastest Lap


Drivers will be awarded one point for qualifying and one point for the race, come the end of the season we will see who did the better job.


Feel free to challenge my opinion.



Brawn GP


Qualifying: Barrichello +1


Button didn't make the cut and dropped out in Q2, it was Barrichello once again putting in the performance. Although Barrichello's P4 does flatter a little, as his fuel load was light compared with those around him.


P4 Barrichello 1:46.513 644.5kg

P14 Button 1:45.251 694.2kg


Race: Barrichello +1


Button started well, but it was soon over after being taken out by Grosjean from behind at Les Combes. Buttons first DNF of the season!


Barrichello had an awful start with the anti-stall kicking in and ended up last going into the first corner, luckily the early safety car helped him to get a points result.


P7 Barrichello 1:24:26.456 Fastest Lap: 1:48.257

P18 Button + 44 laps -Crash-


Season: Jenson Button 168 Rubens Barrichello





Qualifying: Hamilton +1


The heavily revised McLaren MP4-24 still has some design flaws, and the characteristics of Spa highlighted the weaknesses. Now both are in the same spec machinery it came down to the stopwatch and evidently it was Hamilton who got the better of his team mate.


P12 Hamilton 1:45.122 693.5kg

P15 Kovalainen 1:45.259 697kg


Race: Kovalainen +1


Hamilton started cautiously, but that didn't really matter as his race was ended when he was hit by Alguersuari whilst trying to avoid the Button/Grosjean incident at Les Combes.


Kovalainen put in a great first stint on the option tyre, and had a really good race to finish sixth after starting fifteenth.


P6 Kovalainen 1:24:23.758 Fastest Lap: 1:48.348

P17 Hamilton + 44 laps -Crash-


Season: Lewis Hamilton 168 Hekki Kovalainen




Qualifying: Raikkonen +1


Once again Badoer qualified last, whilst Raikkonen stuck his car sixth with a sensible fuel load.


P6 Raikkonen 1:46.633 655kg

P20 Badoer 1:46.957 691.5kg


Race: Raikkonen +1


Badoer didn't spin this time during the race, but that's the only good thing to say about his performance. He was nearly lapped by his team mate, and just compare their fastest lap times. Badoer was over two seconds off Raikkonen!


Raikkonen had a mammoth start, ok he used the run off area at turn one to his advantage (where were the stewards?), but did you see the move on Kubica through Eau Rouge to get second?


He then ran wide at Les Combes, which contributed to the incident there.


Raikkonen didn't quite get away with it as he took a whack from Kubica in the rear... Come to think of it that probably caused some rear aero damage, making Raikkonen's performance even more impressive.


Raikkonen then took Fisichella on the restart using KERS, put was pushed all the way by the Italian.


For Raikkonen to win at Spa (considered 'The drivers circuit') four times now just shows you how good he is. No doubt about it this was Raikkonen back at his best, racing with passion and determination, we saw a glimmer of it last time out at Valencia, but at Spa it all came together for the Finn.


P1 Raikkonen 1:23:50.995 Fastest Lap: 1:47.674

P14 Badoer 1:25:33.172 Fastest Lap: 1:49.803


Season: Luca Badoer 04 Kimi Raikkonen (Season: Felipe Massa 1010 Raikkonen)

Red Bull


Qualifying: Vettel +1


Webber got soundly beat by Vettel in qualifying, despite being lighter he couldn't match the young German. Limited running due to an engine failure during practice for Mark probably didn't help his cause, but he should have done better.


P8 Vettel 1:46.761 662.5kg

P9 Webber 1:46.788 658kg


Race: Vettel +1


The unsafe re-lease by the Red Bull lollipop man wasn't Webber's fault, but it cost him crucial world championship points today.


Webber seemed to be struggling throughout the race though, getting overtaken by Heidfeld and Barrichello and was slow on pace for long periods.


Vettel meanwhile made his long strategy work and had the pace when it mattered, he even set the fastest lap of the race.


P3 Vettel 1:23:54.870 Fastest Lap: 1:47.263

P9 Webber 1:24:27.954 Fastest Lap: 1:47.783


Season: Sebastian Vettel 1410 Mark Webber




Qualifying: Trulli +1


It was a good qualifying session for Toyota, with Glock taking seventh, and Trulli lining up on the front row.


But it's Trulli who has to take the point, just compare their fuel loads!


P2 Trulli 1:46.395 656.5kg

P7 Glock 1:46.677 648.5kg


Race: Glock +1


Toyota seem to be quick one session then no where the next, though during the race it wasn't a lack of pace that scuppered their chance of points.


Heidfeld knocked Trulli's front wing on the opening lap and that forced an early stop that pretty much ended Trulli's chances of getting a decent result, he then later retired with a brake issue.


Glock's race wasn't plain sailing either, having issues during his pit-stops not of his own making and as he saw the chequered flag he can take the point.


P10 Glock 1:24:32.485 Fastest Lap: 1:47.736

P16 Trulli + 23 laps -Retired: Brakes- Fastest Lap: 1:50.029


Season: Jarno Trulli 14 – 10 Timo Glock




Qualifying: Alonso +1


Grosjean didn't really impress, but Renault clearly didn't have the car to challenge the top ten.


P13 Alonso 1:45.136 684.4kg

P19 Grosjean 1:46.359 704.7kg


Race: Alonso +1


Grosjean made a rookie mistake by running into the back of Button on the opening lap at Les Combes that ended both of theirs race, but to make it worse he then tried to blame it on the English man!


Alonso ultimately was undone in turn one as Sutil was bumped by Rosberg, causing him to smack into Alonso's front left wheel.


When Alonso came in for his pit stop there was an issue with the front left tyre going on, but a well timed replay reminded everyone of the opening corner impact. Alonso was later forced to retire because of the issue.


P15 Alonso + 18 laps -Retired: Front Left Damage- Fastest Lap: 1:48.634

P20 Grosjean + 44 laps -Crash-


Season: Fernando Alonso 31 Romain Grosjean. (Season: Fernando Alonso 155 Nelson Piquet Jr.)





Qualifying: Rosberg +1


Same old story in qualifying for the Williams pair, Nakajima struggles in Q1, whilst Rosberg makes Q3.


P10 Rosberg 1:47.362 670kg

P18 Nakajima 1:46.307 706.1kg


Race: Rosberg +1


A pretty uneventful race for Williams, Rosberg was lucky to escape unscathed after hitting Sutil on the opening lap. Other than that it was a case of driving to flag and obviously Rosberg did the better job getting their before Nakajima.


P8 Rosberg 1:24:27.203 Fastest Lap: 1:47.766

P13 Nakajima 1:24:45.236 Fastest Lap: 1:48.205


Season: Nico Rosberg 23 - 1 Kazuki Nakajima




Qualifying: Heidfeld +1


What a turn around for BMW challenging back at the sharp end, ironically now that the plug has been pulled. Looking at the fuel loads Kubica should have qualified in front of Heidfeld, he didn't so the German takes the point.


P3 Heidfeld 1:46.500 655kg

P5 Kubica 1:46.586 649kg


Race: Kubica +1


Heidfeld had a really messy opening lap getting passed by his team mate and Raikkonen, he then out braked himself into Les Combes and had to cut across the grass.


Kubica also managed to have an exciting opening lap after passing Heidfeld he got done by Raikkonen, but returned the favour by shoving his BMW straight up the rear of the Finn at the next corner.


Both BMW's scored some solid points, but it was Kubica who made the least mistakes and finished one place better then where he started, compared with Heidfeld who slipped back by two.


P4 Kubica 1:24:00.961 Fastest Lap: 1:47.664

P5 Heidfeld 1:24:02.271 Fastest Lap: 1:47.371


Season: Robert Kubica 1410 Nick Heidfeld



Force India


Qualifying: Fisichella +1


No doubt about who gets the point, Fisichella took pole and wasn't running on fumes!


Would have been interesting to see where Sutil could have put his Force India had he made Q3, he didn't though...


P1 Fisichella 1:46.308 648kg

P11 Sutil 1:45.119 678.5kg


Race: Fisichella +1


A solid performance from Sutil to finish where he started after his first corner coming together with Rosberg, but it was Fisichella who excelled himself.


Fisichella started really well and had he somehow managed to hold of the KERS powered Ferrari of Raikkonen at the restart, he would have won the race!


He had the pace to push Raikkonen all afternoon and only need one more lap of fuel to be able to jump him in the stops, but unfortunately both were running identical strategies.


Now that Fisichella is off to Ferrari for the rest of the season it will be interesting to see how he compares with Raikkonen in the same equipment.


P2 Fisichella 1:23:51.934 Fastest Lap: 1:47.737

P11 Sutil 1:24:33.631 Fastest Lap: 1:47.859


Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 1311 Adrian Sutil



Toro Rosso


Qualifying: Buemi +1


Buemi only just did a better a job then Alguersuari, but enough for the point.


P16 Buemi 1:45.951 685kg

P17 Alguersuari 1:46.032 704.5kg


Race: Buemi +1


After Buemi had rear ended Glock in Valencia, it was Alguersuari's turn to rear end someone. Unfortunately for Hamilton it was his Mclaren that took the brunt of Alguersuari's over aggressive drive into Les Combes and both were out on the opening lap.


Buemi at least made the chequered flag, but I don't recall seeing much of the Toro Rosso driver.


P12 Buemi 1:24:37.101 Fastest Lap: 1:47.763

P19 Alguersuari + 44 laps -Crash-


Season: Sebastian Buemi 42 Jamie Alguersuari (Season: Sebastian Buemi 135 Sebastian Bourdais)