WWE Breaking Point SPOILER: Randy Orton Drops the WWE Championship to John Cena

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIISeptember 4, 2009

About two weeks away from the WWE's brand new pay-per-view event entitled Breaking Point, the results from the main event are already in.

In the event that the title of the article has not already revealed the outcome, I would suggest not reading any further if you hope to be surprised after watching the event.

However the likelihood of that happening is bound to be quite slim. It is not as though you really needed me to tell you who was going to win the WWE Championship, but I will nevertheless.

John Cena has been without a heavyweight championship for over five months and is destined get one soon.

The WWE has established a well-known precedent that ensures that Cena will not go without a major championship for any extended period of time.

The time is now for John Cena and it doesn't matter whether or not this move will be beneficial to the WWE or their audience, what matters is that he will be satisfied.

An "I quit" match has a lot of potential to be order-worthy, it's just too bad that it carries with it a very predictable finish.

Who is going to say "I quit?"

The man who has already guaranteed victory and has the "STF" as an available move within his arsenal, or the real champion whose most devastating submission maneuver is a headlock?

Of course Randy Orton could beat Cena down with pure might and drive him to the "breaking point" which would then force him to say "I quit."

But it will NEVER happen that way.

It is against WWE policy to allow a heel to obtain a victory over John Cena through pure might or by being the superior competitor.

The heel must either win by the aid of bending/breaking the rules or allow the numbers game to take advantage of the given situation.

We must also keep our eyes open for the time in which Legacy turns on Randy Orton.

Whether they do so to cost him the WWE title or if they wait until Cena has already defeated Orton, that time will come in the very near future.

Ted DiBiase will turn on Orton because he needs to become adored by the fans. If he doesn't earn their affection, his upcoming DVD The Marine 2 will flop even worse than expected.

Or perhaps Cody Rhodes (with or without the aid of Dusty Rhodes) might turn on Orton to get revenge for what he did to his father.

So we will either see one or both of them betray Orton in the coming months.

What we do know is that John Cena will win the WWE Championship at Breaking Point, the only uncertainty is how the WWE will script the finish.

Since I already know who will emerge victorious, I have no interest in ordering it. I will keep an open eye to see whether or not they will grant Randy Orton his rematch (and any chance of winning) during the following pay-per-view.

Otherwise, I might have to skip out on the next one, too. (*)