Stephen Jackson To Denver

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2009

Stephen Jackson of the Golden State Warriors has requested a trade out of Golden State to a contender.  I haven't herd any rumors of possible trade partners or Jackson suitors yet, but I am going to throw out two possible trade scenarios from the Denver Nuggets.

I think that Stephen Jackson would make Denver an easy top 4 team in the NBA and a legit contender for the title.  Jackson possesses the great three ball, good point-per-game production and solid defense to take down the Lakers and take Denver to the finals.

I have mentioned earlier that Denver needs a big man to help slow Gasol down, but if the Nuggets got a better scoring and defending shooting guard to put on Kobe to slow him down that could work out just as well.

Here are two possible trade scenarios:

Trade Scenario 1- Denver sends 7,650,000 of the remaining 8 million trade exemption from the Allen Iverson deal along with the rights to Linas Kleiza when he returns to the NBA, Arron Afflalo and two future 1st round picks for Stephen Jackson.

Why it works for Denver:  Denver adds Jackson to the starting rotation that would look like this; Billups, Jackson, Melo, Martin and Nene which is like an all-star team and is one of the best starting 5's in the league.  This also allows Denver to bring JR Smith off the bench and gives the bench much more fire power than the state that it is in right now.  If Denver were to then add Wally Szczerbiak as the 13th player to play with JR, Birdman and Lawson off the bench Denver would have one of the best benches in the NBA as well.

Negatives for Denver: JR Smith could be disappointed about coming off the bench again and his numbers could drop a little from last year unless he took some of Billups' and played the point for 5-6 min a game.  Denver would also add 7.6 mil to the luxury tax and eventually pay 15 mil for Jackson to come to Denver.  We all know Stan Kronke can afford it, but would he allow it?

Why this works for Golden State:  While the Warriors don't get much talent right off the bat for Jackson they do save money and gain two future 1st round picks.  If Linas Keiza comes back to the NBA he could be available piece for Golden State or a possible trade piece.  Golden State also gets a young shooting guard in Arron Afflalo who possesses a good three point shot and solid D to add to their roster of young studs. 

Negatives for Golden State:  The Warriors don't get much in return right off the bat and it may scare the organization away from the deal.  The value may not seem as good as Jackson, but it is hard to get equal or better value for a player who has requested a trade.

Trade Scenario 2- Denver sends JR Smith and 1.5 million of a trade exemption to Golden State for Stephen Jackson.

Why this works for Denver:  Jackson is a better shooting guard than JR Smith.  He brings better defense and more experience as well as better behavior off the court.

Negatives for Denver: Denver gives up a great young talent in JR Smith and I personally would not be in favor of this trade, but it is a possible scenario.  I think Smith will be a better player than Jackson in the long run, but his off the court behavior is hard to deal with.

Why this works for Golden State: The Warriors get a great young shooting guard in JR Smith who has great potential.  Smith would be a great replacement over Jackson for Golden State.

Negatives for Golden State: JR Smith does have off the court issues and this could scare the Warriors away.  Smith also has shown some inconsistency.

There are my two possible trade scenarios involving Jackson to Denver.  Obviously I would like for the first one to happen, but I feel like Golden State could possibly find a better package in return.  It looks like it would be hard for Denver to acquire Jackson without giving up one of their key pieces, but Jackson would help Denver significantly.  Chances are Stan Kronke would listen to the idea then laugh about paying 15 million to bring in one player.  No one knows what will happen, these deals always tend to randomly happen.  All we can do is wait and see.


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