Bernie and Max's Last Blow For Power

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Bernie and Max's Last Blow For Power
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The silly season as it has been named a long time ago continues.

The latest is that the FIA now claims that the Renault team has cheated to win a race.

The incident in the Singapore Grand Prix back in 2008 where Fernando Alonso won.

The FIA claims that Fernando Alonso's teammate Nelson Piquet Jr.  deliberately crashed so that the safety car  would be brought out, and give an easy win to Fernando Alonso and Renault.

We are back to the good old Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley games.

Renaults managing director Flavio Briatore, has been assigned by FOTA to deal with Bernie and make sure the teams get more for the show they are producing.

So it just so happens that Bernie wants to keep the money and sends his errand boy Max Mosley out to make life hard for the Renault team.

At the same time Bernie uses the time to work on his popularity by talking to Drivers and blowing smoke around the incident. He is a master at this and has done this tactic so many times. For some reason no one in the media smells the dead body.

Why not go back in time and run over all the old tapes of the past, we might be able to change history. Perhaps The great Senna would had won more perhaps Michael Schumacher would had won less.

Who knows. I personally think that if this is the way the FIA are doing this, then a there is a bunch of incidents where it would be obvious that there was cheated and there is proof.

So perhaps Lewis need to hand in his championship.

The FIA should bring the Team radio conversation out in the open, drag Renault to Court, finish the case instead of there Power trip.

Bernie wants to trow as much mud on Flavio and get him out of F1 so he can keep his money.

And as it looks now, I would be a very unhappy Renault sponsor and this could end the story of Renault F1.

One man that would be happy if this happens is Max Mosley. He has clearly stated that he hates Flavio, and after he didn't get what he wanted last time he surely will do anything to destroy any one involved.

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